CZ 4M functional t-shirt Merino wool

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CZ 4M functional t-shirt Merino wool

It is designed for intervention teams and line units as a basic protective layer for all-day wear. It maintains the user's thermal comfort thanks to the unique structure of knitting finest merino fibers with a diameter of only 16.5 microns. At the same time, this latest technology ensures extremely fast drying of the t-shirt after any physical exertion. Thanks to the durable structure of the knitted fabric it is also suitable for wearing as a top t-shirt.

Special anti-bacterial properties Merino fibers do not burden your organism with foreign substances such as silver ions or chemical fiber treatment.

At the same time, it protects against the effects of flame-induced flame when the resistance of the natural merino material is up to 570 °C. Because natural merino does not melt like synthetic materials, there is no secondary damage to the skin through flame. Therefore, it is used by NATO units on the Forward Operational Base (FOB) after banning the use of synthetic t-shirts (Polyamid, Polyester, Lycra etc.) after a series of devastating secondary burns during IED intervention in missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The designation MERINO 165® is a fiber brand with a diameter of only 16.5 microns and original origin from New Zealand processed in the European Union. Only the highest quality fiber is used for CZ 4M products. Thanks to this, we have achieved unbeatable durability and durability of our products along with the best wearing comfort.

  • Merino Wool FD (Fire Durability) with 16.5 micron fiber.
  • Fire resistance up to 570 °C.
  • The best Merino fiber made in the EU.
  • Natural anti-bacterial properties without negative load on the organism.
  • Technology of splicing merino fibers into multidirectional structure for maximum moisture removal.
  • Durable material surface increases durability especially in contact with Velcro zipper etc.
  • Clothing design compatible with tactical and protective gear.
  • Flat seams and special material construction.
  • Tested, developed and manufactured by professionals.

Uniqueness of the MERINO fiber knitting design by MOIRA technology combines the best properties of MERINO fiber and the functional capabilities of the material, especially in the ability to remove moisture from the user's body.

  •     the technology of stranding merino fibers into a multi-directional structure for maximum moisture removal
  •     the durable surface of the material increases durability especially when in contact with a velcro fastener, etc.

T-shirt cut is adapted for use with a ballistic vest or wearing a backpack. That is, there are no seams on the shoulder and the top of the T-shirt is designed to carry the load. All other seams are designed as the thinnest flats without the possibility of bumps, etc. The length of the t-shirt corresponds to the use of a combat uniform or an overalls suit.

  •     clothing design compatible with tactical and protective gear
  •     flat seams and special material construction


The CZ 4M Merino Wool FD sets were intensively tested during the development by members of several special units and rescue units. All the findings from more than a year of long-term testing were reflected not only in the design of individual types of clothing but also in the design of the material.

  •      tested, developed and manufactured by professionals
  •      made in the Czech Republic at MOIRA a.s.
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