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Ballistic T-shirt CZ 4M SPIRIT Comfort

This product requires a set of ballistic inserts for ballistic SPIRIT t-shirt of the appropriate size and required protection (2A TN 350 or 3A TN 500) !!!

The CZ 4M SPIRIT Comfort ballistic t-shirt is a product from our range of ballistic protection equipment in the most advanced ergonomic design for concealed wear. The design of the t-shirt offers maximum concealment required during secret operations or for personal protection. The COMFORT has been specially designed for prolonged use even in adverse climatic conditions or during highly demanding physical activity.

The ballistic inserts are placed in the outer pockets of the inner t-shirt made of MOIRA Diagon fibre. The wrong side of this knitted fabric is made of polypropylene yarn weaved diagonally to create a fine ridged finish. When in contact with the body, the rows of the knitted stitches get stretched and the resulting channels aid the circulation of air, wicking capillary moisture away from the skin. The right side of the fabric is made of special polyamide microfiber which together with the elastomer creates a compact elastic surface that is resistant to mechanical effects and provides a good wind stopper effect.

This unique material utilizes even a very small space between the user’s body and the ballistic insert, maintaining moisture and thereby providing a pleasant microclimate for 12 or more hours. Combined with the additional MOIRA Ultralight t-shirt, it is very comfortable to wear in any conditions.

The COMFORT t-shirt is pulled over the head and tightened on the body with a rear elastic strap. This ensures a good position on the body maximizing the concealability with any outer layer of clothing (polo shirts, shirts, suits, etc.). The ballistic insert is placed in the outer pockets and its vertical stability is ensured by a patented solution whereby both the front and the rear inserts are “suspended” on additional shoulder straps made of thin knitted fabric. In addition, they are also placed in a protective cover and secured against sliding.

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